The Open is coming back to Sandwich, will Tiger be playing?


I would love to see Tiger Woods back to his best, I feel very privileged to have witnessed him at his most dominant, but it all seems a long time ago now! Clearly he has had a host of physical issues to overcome, but I feel these have masked over the real issue... When Tiger was at his most dominant he knew he was the best, and he knew his fellow competitors knew he was the best! He was the longest hitter, the best putter, he had a certain aura about him, no-one really knew the real Tiger, he fully trusted in his ability to produce magic moments when it mattered and other players crumbled when his name appeared on the leaderboard (other than a couple of exceptions). I think the main issue now is that he has lost that belief in himself, he has 'missed' too many shots and putts, other players are now longer and the current crop haven't really been on the wrong end of a beating from Tiger, so the aura/respect/intimidation factor is no longer a factor.

All throughout his life Tiger was always the best and I think he is really struggling to come to terms with the fact that he is no longer number one! I think his physical problems are being used as a excuse to cover up the psychological demons he is facing and until he admits this to himself then I don't think we will ever see him compete with Rory, Dustin, Jason, Jordan et al again!